Contract Contract Who’s Got Your Contract

You and I are very lucky to live in a time of unprecedented discovery both scientific and technological. We are witness to achievements never before realized in the annals of civilization. For the first time in recorded history the common man has at his disposal creature comforts of every kind and description. If we want and desire something, the things that we want and desire are easily within our ability to acquire.

The fundamental change that precipitated this new paradigm is simply that most of us in the Western Hemisphere don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. The acquisition of the prerequisites of life, food and shelter, do not consume all of our daily time and energy. All we seemingly have to worry about is what football game to watch or what movie we want to see next. As a Nation we are rich with accomplishments and victories. We have defeated Communism, we have conquered the Moon, and we are the most powerful nation on Earth. We are at a stage in our history and cultural development where we are fat with success.

Partly as a result of this congratulatory self esteem, we as a nation have become secure in the belief that we are superior and free; that we live in a society governed by Democratic rule. While reveling in our achievements though, we have lost sight of the fact that we have become greedy and intellectually lazy. We have also failed to recognize that while our attention was diverted elsewhere, we have been bound in chains and enslaved.

One of the most ingenious ways ever devised by man to enslave his fellow man is for the master to bind the slave and then convince the slave he is still free. A slave who is convinced he is free will work three times as hard for the master as a slave who knows he is a slave, won’t he? Once the slave is convinced of his freedom, the master can then put the slave out to pasture like a poor cow and make use of him and his labor. Under such a scheme, the slave is never conscious of his bondage. The shackles he wears are invisible. How is this possible…by using the chains of contract. By binding the slave with contract obligations the slave is convinced beyond all doubt that he is free. He does not see his chains. He perceives he is free because life, from his perspective, is straightforward and simple. The slave does what he wants. He buys what he wants. It is easy for him to acquire all the creature comforts he desires with the money and credit the master supplies. He owns a vehicle, has a mortgage on his residence, he pays his taxes, he has a savings and a bank account and can travel where he pleases. He is, by all tests of the senses, a free man! He is also convinced of other “truths” he sees around him that reinforce these beliefs. He knows with certainty that the courts and the police are there to protect him and to jail criminals. He learned from the “Perry Mason” show that if he has a legal problem, a lawyer will serve and protect his interests. He sees on “The People’s Court.” that the courts and judges dispense justice. He learned in the public schools he attended way back that the government belongs to the people. He also learned that his government is Democratic and is there to protect his interests. He votes for the candidate of his choice on election day. He is full of himself. He is confident. He is blinded by the world around him.

How did you become a slave? No one came and bound you in chains yet bound in chains you are. It was done with guile and with purpose using adhesion contracts. These are the invisible chains you carry; the enforceable bonds of contractual obligation. Make no mistake, if you stray from your obligations you will pay. You will be tried in a federal administrative court for your failure to uphold your contract. These courts are not judicial but procedural. They are this way for a reason; to enforce your contract obligations.

Did the people put up a fight as they were made legal “persons,” enslaved and thrown into contractual bondage by the very authorities they looked to for protection?  No, because the people were most agreeable to this new arrangement. Why, because they were promised limited liability and something for nothing. Greed was the master’s primary tool to motivate the people and greed was the people’s ultimate downfall. By using greed to motivate you into contract and then coercing you to acquiesce to that contract, the master has guided every thing around you to your detriment and to his advantage. The master used the something for nothing carrot and you agreed to the new arrangement by your silence. What is something for nothing? Look around you at the examples. “Buy a new car with no money down at 1% APR” “Buy a new home with no money down.” “Earn 8.5% interest on our Certificate of Deposit” Open a NOW bank account at 5.75% Interest. Receive Social Security retirement benefits. These are just some of the carrots that have enslaved you. If you just look around the traps for your greed are everywhere. Turn on the television; pick up the newspaper. Enslaving you with your greed and turning your labor into the master’s profit is the order of the day. It is the best laid trap ever conceived.

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When You Stumble Across Deaths Door

The one absolute truth about life is that the minute we are born we begin to die. Pretty depressing if you think about it. So what’s the point of life if as soon as we get here we start heading for the exit? There is a point but I’m getting ahead of myself. We generally don’t become aware of death until we are much, much older. When you are young you’re usually too absorbed in life or some exciting aspect of it to even notice or think about what death is all about.

One of my very first memories was being about four years old. My family was living in Harlingen, Texas at the time. My dad was stationed at a United States Air force base there and my mother was a stay at home mom raising my two brothers and me. My dad had bought two houses in Harlingen and we lived in one and rented out the other one. We only went to the base for doctor visits or for groceries at the PX. One of my first memories was being at home one day in the kitchen with my mother. That day I was valiantly trying to talk to my mom. I remember looking at her and mouthing words while I stared at her expectantly for some sign that I had actually spoken. I remember her nodding with approval; she did what mothers are supposed to do encourage their children. I loved my mom. Of course the only thing that came out of my mouth that day was gibberish but I remember being proud of my effort just the same. Another memory I recall was thinking that I couldn’t wait until I was big enough to see over our bathroom sink. It’s funny what sticks in your mind when you’re a kid.

In fact that whole period of my life was filled with nothing but memories of all the new things life introduced to me. Each day seemed to be a new adventure. I vividly remember watching the Wizard of Oz one night with the family and the next day actually seeing a witch flying on a broom as I played in the back yard. I was awed and amazed. I also remember going to school with anticipation to see what new food was going to be served at lunch that day. They served us things I never got to eat at home. The school cafeteria was a gastronomical adventure land. Every day it seemed life would give me something new to wonder at.

Because my dad was in the air force we moved regularly. From Harlingen we moved to Barksdale. Barksdale had a Strategic Air Command base and was just outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. My dad flew KC-97s for SAC at the time. He spent months away from us refueling B-52s and B-58 hustlers loaded with hydrogen bombs flying the artic circle during the cold war. SAC flew that route 24-7 and my dad was very busy. General Curtis Lemay was the commander of SAC then. He was so controversial the movie “Dr. Strangelove” was modeled after SAC under General Lemay. When we got to Barksdale we lived on the base for a bit and then moved to town and lived in a house. Barksdale was where I got introduced to girls. I was seven years old and life was good. The adventures never stopped.

We then moved to Lincoln, Nebraska when I was about eight. My dad was stationed at the SAC command headquarters in Omaha. This being the height of the cold war, he was gone a lot. Lincoln, Nebraska was also where I first encountered death. It was on a small scale but it was devastating to me just the same.

I was into hamsters back then. I had one as a pet and I loved that little rodent. I was constantly playing with him and he seemed to enjoy me as much as I enjoyed him. The bad thing about me having a hamster then was my dad loved cats and we had one. Our cat loved my hamster too. My hamster lived in a cage suspended from my ceiling. I remember one day coming in my bedroom and seeing the bottom of the cage on the floor. My hamster was nowhere to be found but I did find a scrap of fur and some unidentifiable stuff on the floor. I immediately knew what had happened. The f’ing cat had eaten him! I screamed for my mother who flew into the room to find me crying uncontrollably on the bed. My mother tried to console me but it was useless. She tried to explain that it wasn’t the cat’s fault and why it had happened but I was inconsolable. I was devastated: so much for my first introduction to death.

My next brush with death came as a very personal encounter. After our stay in Lincoln, Nebraska my dad retired from the Air Force and we moved to Denton, Texas. We moved to Denton because it was a small college town and my dad had decided to go to school there. One Saturday my dad had gone to the college for a class. That early afternoon my mother got a frantic phone call. She said nothing to us and rushed out. When she got home several hours later I found out that my dad had died of a massive heart attack. I was eleven years old and my dad was dead. That whole experience was thrust on me like a head on car crash.

My next brush came when I was about twenty-eight. I witnessed a murder. That’s right a murder. I witnessed a woman stick a chrome plated thirty-eight caliber Rossi revolver into a man’ side and pull the trigger. It happened just outside of a McDonald’s where I was having breakfast. I saw it all unfold outside the window I was sitting by. I later found out his wife was the woman who killed him. She had caught him having an affair with the young woman who had just served me my coffee and egg McMuffin. His death was brutal. There’s a moral here somewhere.

When I was fifty-seven and again when I turned sixty-one I had two close friends die. The odd thing about their deaths was I spoke to each of them literally hours before they died. Mike was a close friend and working companion. When I was fifty-seven he called me one day out of the blue just to talk. In speaking to him I could tell something was dreadfully wrong with him. It was palpable. It was so obvious I told him repeatedly to go to a hospital but; he would have none of it. He hated doctors and hospitals. He tried to reassure me he was all right. Six hours after we spoke he died.

My other friend Dan was a close friend when I was in my twenties. He lived in Dallas at the time. I lost track of him after that for close to thirty years. We by chance got back in touch with each other when I turned sixty. I found out that Dan had gotten throat cancer and his life was completely destroyed by it. He did voice over work and after the cancer treatment he couldn’t work and his wife left him. He had been living in Austin but after the cancer diagnosis and treatment had moved back to Dallas. He was now all alone and living on Social Security. I was in Tennessee then but we talked fairly regularly. I found out he was having all sorts of complications as a consequence of his cancer treatment. Dan was also an atheist but he informed me in one of our talks that he had embraced Christianity. This completely surprised me. Around the fourth or fifth of December 2012 was the last time I spoke to him. I was unable to call him for over a month and I thought something was seriously wrong because of all the problems he was having. In January after doing some checking I found out he had died December fifth of organ failure. The day he died was about the last time I had talked to him. What an eerie feeling.

These two encounters had a profound effect on me. Two close friends gone just like that. Because of these experiences it seemed like death many times just sneaks up on you with no warning. One minute you’re OK the next minute you’re dead. You’re here one minute the next minute you’re not.

So what’s the point of life? Are we all just lost in the eternal darkness as many people think or is there some purpose to life? Many people, because of the despair they encounter when they trip over death’s door conclude that it’s all pointless, others don’t. Your choice is an individual decision but here’s what I believe. Life is not pointless at all it’s an extremely precious and immeasurable gift. We were all given this gift. What you do with it is your choice.

The other fact about life is that you are a special creation of God and God has a plan for your life. Your only job in life is to understand this fact and then to act on it. We have also been given another great gift, the gift of free will. Free will is a tricky thing because we get to use it in making the choice of how we are going to live our lives on this Earth. Although there is no test involved whatever choices you make here you take with you into eternity.

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What does it mean to be human?

I don’t think many people ask or think much about this question. It’s understandable because of the way people are looked on and treated as a whole on this Earth. If you just casually glanced around you might get the idea that human beings aren’t worth much if anything. Everywhere you look life appears to be as cheap and tawdry as yesterday’s trash; daily it’s brushed aside and tossed out like so much garbage. Millions of men, women and children are murdered in wars and genocides. Most of the world’s populations languish in abject poverty. It is almost more than one can bear.

If you look closely, however, the reality of the human condition is much, much different. Human beings, when you examine them, are exceptionally special creatures. As it states in the Scriptures God made man a little lower than the angels. As such you are born with unlimited authority; both good and bad. You are a being of enormous power and might. You are and have been given sentience the ability to feel and perceive. You also have a very special gift the gift of free will; the ability to know right from wrong and to choose. No other creature in the universe has this capacity.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the characteristics we as human beings choose. Let’s look at the bad or evil side first. People can be vicious beyond belief. Look at the conduct of humans in any war and you can get a sense of that. Humans can also be cruel beyond measure. Again you don’t need to look very far for confirmation. Yet they can also be compassionate, empathetic and caring beyond what you would expect. Why the difference? The difference has to do with your free will. We, of all God’s creation, have the ability to choose right from wrong and to act on that choice. We can choose to act on our base nature or to act contrary to it.

What is the true nature of man? Fundamentally people are selfish. What prompts this selfishness? Human self-interest is, generally speaking, always the springboard. In some people this self-interest completely takes over and consumes their lives. It is initiated by the drive for power, the drive for money or the drive for control. Bring this down to a personal level. Think about all the times you personally engaged in emotional or physical abuse, neglect or cruelty to another human being because of self-interest. We have all done this. What makes us to act this way; to stray to the dark side? In all cases it has to do with coveting; wanting or desiring something that belongs to another. This is man’s true nature. When God wrote the Ten Commandments it was done to highlight mans sin nature. The interesting thing about God’s law is that breaking any of the Commandments is generally initiated by the act of coveting. Wanting more or better stuff.

What are the aspects of the good we can choose? Humans are spiritual beings. They are the only living creatures that exhibit a spiritual side. You can hear it in our music, in singing; you can listen to it in our poetry read it in our literature; see it in great works of art. Our spiritual side is almost transcendent. We can exhibit it in mathematics and cosmology by answering the great questions of nature. We also have the capacity of selfless love and caring. We can be majestic. Although we have the capability to exist  relying only on our base nature our free will choice to use the traits which are the image of our Creator are what make us special and just a little lower than the angels.

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How Can The President Make Law?

Everybody likes to talk about his or her Constitutional rights, or their personal rights as enumerated in the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s a common talking point and is declared many times by many people. It is also, unfortunately, brought up many times in the wrong venue. What I mean by that is there are actually places or venues in this country where you have absolutely no Constitutional rights. But I digress. The structure of this incredible document is set out in its preamble. The preamble reads:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

It sounds really special doesn’t it? It sounds special because it is. Because of this document We the People have some very important and singular enumerated rights.  But first, notice where the authority for our Constitution lies. The authority lies in us, We the People. None of the authority of our God given rights lies in or is given to us by the government. The government grants us no rights. Our founding fathers knew this; they also knew that most government, given time, would revert to tyranny.  Because of this fact our Constitution is indeed singular in the annals of world governments. This fact is a major point most people miss. The other point missed is the fact that the Constitution prohibits or limits the authority of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government over us, We the People. It not only enumerates what the government has the authority to do it enumerates what they cannot do. It is very clear on both of these points. Our founders made sure of that.

Who makes law in our government? It is clear that the only branch of government dedicated to that task is the legislative branch; our representatives in Congress and the Senate. Once voted on and passed in both houses all legislation is then sent to the executive branch for signature to enact it. The executive does have veto power as a balance but generally this rarely happens.

That all being said I want to ask you readers a question. Since all the above is true where in our founding document is the authority given to the executive branch to make law without the approval of the houses of representatives; without your approval?  Read the Constitution and see if you can find the provision. I’ll help you out; you won’t find it because it doesn’t exist.

Then how can the president enact law? He can do this with the stroke of a pen by setting out what is called an executive order. Here is a link to the latest executive orders signed into law in the gun control battle. These are laws were never voted on in either house and were enacted without your approval. Executive orders by pass We the People. Nevertheless, they are, once written the law of the land. Here are the latest ones.

For everyone reading this, the questions you should be interested in are: How is this possible? By what authority were my rights and authority under our Constitution subjugated? When did this happen? How did this happen? You can make this a fun exercise by calling your congressman and senator and ask him or her these same questions. When you ask you will no doubt hear them or their staff dance around your question hoping you will be confused. Why would they do that? They are going to do that because they don’t want you to know the real answer. If you do some research, however, on executive orders you can of course find out the answers. Once you find the answers those answers will bring to light another level of this hornets nest. I’ll give you some help look up Senate Report 93-549 Have fun and always learn.

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Will Gun Bans Lower Firearm Violence?

Every time I watch a media news anchor, D.C. pundit or other alleged expert interview a victim or bemoan the fact that something needs to be done to control gun violence in America, my blood boils.  It’s not the fact that something needs to be done, I’m all for that. It’s what they never report and what they don’t tell you about the problem that infuriates me. This withholding of information, in my view, borders on a criminal act!

Let me show you what I mean. The population of the U.S. is approximately 300,000,000 the population of Canada is approximately 33,000,000. Canada’s population is about 10% of the U.S.

The FBI has estimated there are about 200,000,000 firearms in the U.S.  Of course the news anchors and experts will tell you that’s because it’s way to easy to get a gun in America. The number of guns in the U.S. is about two thirds of the U.S. population number. What about Canada? The National Firearms Association has estimated there are about 21,000,000 firearms in Canada. That’s about two thirds of the Canadian population number. And guess what, you can get a gun just about anywhere in Canada. It’s a gun loving country. Everybody has a firearm in Canada.

All these numbers, if you look closely, have close ratios: Canadian population is about 10% of the U.S, Number of guns in both countries is about two thirds of their respective population. What about cultural differences? Sorry can’t help you there. Canadians watch the same Hollywood movies we do, their kids play the same violent video and computer games our kids play. Yet firearm homicide rates between the two nations are off the scale, not even close.

Firearm homicides in the United States in 2009
Number of deaths: 11,493
Firearm homicides in the Canada in 2009
Number of deaths: 179

Wait a minute something is seriously wrong here isn’t it? For there to be any parity Canadian firearm homicides would have to be 10 times their current rate to match the U.S. but, hey kids, they aren’t.

Well there is one more element that’s never discussed. Most of the mass murderers in the U.S. were using prescription psychotropic drugs when they engaged in these murders..  What does that tell you? Well common sense would tell you that a person who has the capacity to kill another human being without any provocation is clearly not playing with a full deck. If they are or were seeking medical help for depression or other behavioral problems, the recommended common treatment is drug therapy. In the U.S. the three most prescribed drugs for depression are Zoloft, Lexapro and Prozak. They are all SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They supposedly have a proactive impact on the body through boosting serotonin levels, which is supposed to help these conditions. It all sounds good, however, one of the biggest concerns is that these drugs are over-prescribed which unnecessarily subjects patients to severe adverse side effects and possible withdrawal symptoms. It has been reported that suicidal thoughts and increased aggression are tied to the use and overuse of these drugs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the numbers here and conclude that there might be a connection between these medications and the rise in these mass killings. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? One good reason might be that the pharmaceutical drug companies are an extremely powerful force in this country and don’t like negative press.

So is banning firearms going to help? No, because there are some major cultural and social problems in this country that need to be addressed. Banning guns is not going to help that. If bans occur without addressing the root cause of the problem it’s guaranteed to make things worse. Take that to the bank.

So don’t get mad at the guns. Don’t get mad at the people who own the guns or who host gun shows. Get furious at the news people, experts and government officials who are lying to you and trying to mold your opinion and, in my view, have a hidden agenda on this issue. And always remember tyrants love unarmed peasants.

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Reality, What Is It?

Have you ever asked yourself what is real? Or have you ever wondered if something was real and if something wasn’t? Most people have; I know I have. But what is reality anyway? It’s a fundamental question and if you asked it to any group of people you would get a variety of answers. They would go something like this: I can see it so it’s real or; I can smell it or taste it so it’s real. One the most common answers you would likely get is I can touch it so it’s real. But can you rely on your body’s senses to let you know if something is real or not? Let’s take a closer look at this question. Let’s dig way, way down.

On the subatomic level reality gets more than a bit fuzzy. In fact it gets downright weird. Let’s take a look at matter. All matter is composed of atoms. The periodic table, which is a table of all the elemental matter known to science, consists of 103 elements. These elements are the building blocks of everything around us. Each of these elements are composed individually of tiny groups of particles called atoms.

Atoms are composed of even smaller particles. At an atom’s core there are neutrons and protons. A cloud of electrons surrounds the core of the atom. The atom’s protons have a positive charge; the neutrons have no charge. The glue that holds the protons and neutrons together is the strong nuclear force. This elemental force is so strong it is, on a human scale, incomprehensible.  Surrounding the core of each atom are electrons. Depending on the element the numbers electrons orbiting these particles varies from 1, which is Hydrogen to 103, which is the element Lawrencium. The electromagnetic force holds these electrons in their orbit.  When you touch something with your finger, say a tabletop, your brain says I can feel it so you conclude that it’s real. But is that what happened? In fact that’s not what happened at all. When you perceive you have touched the tabletop what really happened is the electrons in the atoms of your finger never touch. They just get very, very close to the electrons in the atoms of the tabletop and are then repelled. Your brain perceives this as touch. You can see how this repelling works by getting two magnets. Lay them side by side with the positive pole of one magnet pointing towards the positive pole of the other magnet. Then try to move them together.  They can never touch they are repelled by the electromagnetic force. So you can never ever come in contact with anything. Your sense touch and therefore you sense of what is real is just a mind trick.

The classic representation of an atom you saw in school textbooks was that of a circular space. At the center of the space were little balls that represented the protons and neutrons. A little bit out were little balls orbiting the protons and neutrons that represented the electrons of that atom.  Let’s take a closer look at this. If we look at the true scale of the simplest element, hydrogen, some very strange truths emerge. Hydrogen consists of one proton and one orbiting electron. If the proton were one thousand pixels wide the one orbiting electron would only be one pixel wide. The distance of the electron from the hydrogen proton would be, at that scale, eleven miles from the proton. I want to thank for this representation.

This now gets even stranger. The atom’s proton has no definite locality. It’s there and not there simultaneously. The same is true of the electrons. They have no locality. Orbiting electrons are basically a cloud of objects that are there and not there at the same time. The other fact of this Alice In Wonderland view is that the simple act of you observing matter interacts with the stuff being observed to make it observable; weird but true.

So what is real? The sunning answer is nothing is real! All matter is composed of stuff that is mostly composed of empty space, nothingness. The stuff that is real is in fact not even there. This reality, of course, all changes when you observe things. So the truth about reality is that life really is a dream. Who knew that when the classic do-wop tune “Life Is But A Dream” was released by the Harptones that the Harptones were in fact particle physicists masquerading as musicians.

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What Do You Do When Life Deals You Lemons?

Most of us go through life without ever having to think about what a precious gift life is. Occasionally, however, things happen to us that interrupt our routine and make us consider this question: a spouse dies, a serious accident happens, a relationship ends, you get sick. When these events occur everything about how you viewed life changes. You are faced with many questions one of these is invariably, why me?

This post is about my disability and me. While I am going to deal with an extremely personal experience and how it changed my life, this story is important for other people going through similar trauma. While this story is about the events that precipitated these changes how I dealt with them is the real story.

In 1999 I was forty-nine years old. I worked in the financial services industry. I dealt in investments, insurance, trusts and estate planning. I traveled extensively in my work doing one on one service. I was married and had a young son. I had just bought a new home for my wife’s father and us. My wife and I were taking care of him as he was dealing with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. All in all things were going well, or so I thought.

Like many men I just won’t go to a doctor unless I am fairly certain that I might die if I don’t. I’m not quite sure why men react this way; it’s just the way we’re wired I guess. In September of 1999 on a Friday I got up in the morning to start a new day and immediately noticed something odd; my feet were completely numb. I’m not talking mild tingling I’m talking stone cold dead can’t feel a thing numb. Now I’m not a doctor but I understood immediately that this was not a good thing. It especially worried me because I had been having some problems with my general condition for about two years. It was nothing obvious that I could pin down just some vague weakness and general malaise. I had dismissed this initially as being attributed to a lack of exercise and my generally sedentary job. I immediately called my doctor and made an appointment. I got in to see him that afternoon.

My doctor was an older gentleman who had a very fatherly bedside manner. I liked him a lot. So I paid close attention when he said after examining me “Well, I’m not sure what you have, but I can tell you it’s not good.” “I think we need to get you to a neurologist.”

Oh great, I thought to myself, that’s exactly what I needed to hear.

At that point panic kicked in; I mean serious panic! When I called to make an appointment I was informed that the regular neurologist at my health plan was out of town and I wouldn’t be able to get in to see him for about a month; that was way to long. I frantically searched for another one in my PPO book and made some calls. I finally found one who could see me immediately. I then got my primary doctor to give me a referral and I made an appointment to see him the next week.

When I got to his office I told him about what had been going on with my general condition and the appearance of this new symptom. He examined me for only about ten minutes, did some visual tests and then declared, ” Well, you have Multiple Sclerosis.” “What,” I asked,” “Are you sure?” “Oh yes.” he replied, ” It’s about a 95% certainty, but we’ll do an MRI just to be sure.”

I thought to myself “Multiple Sclerosis what the hell is that?”

Oh great! My first question, since I knew nothing about MS was am I going to die from it? I was relieved when he said no probably not. Wait did he just say probably not? He did say that life from this point on would be very inconvenient for me. “Oh great”, I thought. Wait a minute what did he mean by probably not?

The MRI confirmed his diagnosis; I had lesions (scars) all down spine and in my brain. I did indeed have MS.

After the MRI my health spiraled out of control. I had several back-to-back full blown MS attacks. They call these attacks exacerbations. It’s a nice fuzzy term for a full bore frontal physical assault by this disease. How did it feel? A close analogy would be how you might feel if you had survived a head on car crash with a larger truck. I was literally flat on my back unable to do anything for about three months. I couldn’t get up, I could barely move. I thought my life was over.

Now I was brought up in the 50s. Most people of that era had fundamental faith in several key elements of American life. They all were certain the Government would never ever lie to you, the court system was where you went to get justice and if you got sick doctors would know why you were sick and could cure you. That’s what I was always told and it’s what I believed. Most people, I found, also believe this.

So imagine my surprise and utter astonishment when on a follow up trip to my neurologist I asked him two innocent questions that shattered my life. I asked him “Why do I have MS?” I followed this up with this question. “What can we do to cure this?” His answers stunned me. He informed me that the medical community knew nothing about what caused MS, nothing. Before I had time to process that he went on to state that they didn’t even know why the few drugs available for the management of MS symptoms worked. I was dumbfounded. They didn’t even know how the drugs used to manage MS symptoms worked? I then thought, manage! I don’t want this disease managed I want to get rid of it. Visions of Richard Pryor and me side by side in twin wheelchairs danced through my head.

Even though my confidence in him was less than enthusiastic I decided to listen to what my neurologist recommended for treatment. The initial treatment recommended consisted of daily steroid infusions. This, he explained, was to try to reduce the inflammation. Since I had no other options available I decided to see if any of his recommendations would help. So I started the steroid therapy. It did absolutely nothing to relieve the exacerbation; In fact the steroids were horrible physically.

He then prescribed Interferon-b injections. Interferon-b is the drug Avonex and a favorite treatment for MS. This drug is about $4000.00 a month. Wow what’s up with that? The Avonex seemed to slow the exacerbations but physically the Avonex injections were worse than the disease. After an injection I was useless for about two days. The drug would knock me out in bed; I couldn’t even get up. Since I learned the exacerbation sometimes came in waves, as the initial attacks abated I was slowly able to get back to work. But nothing was the same; I was constantly worn out and tired. The bad thing about MS is that the disease makes you constantly tired and drained of energy. This is what I immediately noticed. Just walking to the kitchen or the mailbox was so physically tiring I had to rest for four or five hours. The least amount of exertion and I was done for the day. Over the next few months I slowly resigned myself to the disease.

This is when my mindset began to change. What I had been taught about doctors was completely false! I felt violated. What else was a lie? I reasoned that I could probably do a better job of helping myself than my neurologist. I was the only one in this game that had a personal stake in it. My neurologist wasn’t sick I was. There had to be something better and I vowed to find it.

So I began to read a great deal about MS in particular and disease in general. One thing that caught my attention immediately was an area of research in the possible cause of MS. It was thought that some sort of viral or other infection triggered the auto immune response of the body attacking the myelin on the nerves. This made complete sense to me. There seemed to be no other in depth information about this research though. I do remember tucking this away in my memory as fairly interesting.

On August 2, 2000 I was in Las Vegas Nevada for a business meeting. At this fortuitous meeting, I sat next to Gordon Melcher President of East Park Research. Gordon introduced himself to me and after a bit told me about how pathogens like fungus, virus, mold and parasites were some of the main contributors and root causes of disease. These diseases included MS, many cancers, herpes, shingles Alzheimer’s, flu, colds and respiratory infections; just to mention a few. They caused disease because the pathogens would suppress the immune system to a point that the body couldn’t ward off the disease and protect itself. My mind clicked. The research into MS about a viral or some other infection possibly triggering the disease was dredged from my memory.

I had taken the first step.

I continued my research and discovered some amazing facts. On the MS side I actually spoke with two RNs that had been clinically diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had actually cured it! I was startled. On questioning them they told me they had zeroed in on nutritional supplements to reverse the effects of the disease. This sounded crazy but that’s what both of these women, who were trained in western medicine, were telling me.

On the general aspect of my research I found some amazing answers to western medicines lack of understanding of my condition and most disease states generally.

I discovered that the medical establishment did not know what caused most disease. That was a real shocker. So if you asked your physician why do I have multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, or just about any condition they just don’t know the base cause. What you get instead is a list of contributing factors but you get no focused “this is why you have this disease” answer to your question. I reasoned how can they cure it if they don’t know what causes it? This piece of information explained why I got the “nobody knows” answer from my neurologist.

I engaged in this research for years. What I discovered and have personally put into practice has served me well.

MS has a host of symptoms that it can manifest. Some people get some of these but not others. There are, however, some symptoms that are common to all MS patients. Here is a list of the common ones, all of which I did have and all of which I eliminated: brain fog, vision problems, cognitive issues, waves of exhaustion, loss of energy and stamina. I eliminated all of these with high doses of nutritional supplements; very specific supplements targeting different engines in my body. It was amazing and personally empowering.

Even though this did wonders for my body the MS attacks had done some serious damage to my nervous system.

I also learned a lot about cancer. I was especially interested in this as I had three relatives die from various forms of cancer. What I discovered about cancer and standard cancer treatments was, to say the least, shocking.

The biggest thing I learned from all my research was this. If you get gravely ill, whether you get well or you die is completely your choice. Your decision as to what treatment you take or not take will determine the outcome. The treatment choices are your decision alone and no one else’s. I have known people who put all their faith and trust in a physician’s decisions and are now dead because they did. They never took into account that all they were to their doctor was just another patient. They weren’t that doctor’s mother, brother, sister, wife or husband. I’m not against western medicine and this is not an overly harsh criticism it’s just the way it is.

Life is curious. Most of us travel through it thinking we have it handled and have total control. But sometimes, when things happen to derail your course, you are faced with the reality that you have absolutely no control. Some people react to these kinds of events in a negative way. They get completely thrown off track, mentally devastated and never recover. I, on the other hand, took it a different way. The MS forced me to slow down and consider some of the bigger questions of life that I had been completely ignoring. It was actually refreshing.

One thing I had to deal with was the financial devastation my MS caused. Although I had helped myself physically with my research the MS had given me some major physical blows. The disease had dramatically affected my mobility by scaring my spinal cord and the right lobe of my brain with lesions. This basically shorted out the nervous pathways to my legs. As a result I couldn’t walk or drive a car. I couldn’t easily meet with people in their homes or travel. I had to find something else to do.

At the time I was struggling with this I didn’t have a clue of what I was going to do. However my faith in God kept me going. I prayed to God for a solution. I knew, because of my faith, that a solution would present itself and it did. By a serendipitous series of events I became involved in an unrelated business that I found I had a knack for. This was an answer to my prayers and helped replace the income from my prior life. This new direction also involved my writing skills. I had been writing for years but had never seriously considered it as a profession. This disease changed that and now I am a full time writer. I have also just published my first book and am currently working on several more.

The lessons I learned from this are you never know where life is going to lead you. Even if it takes a wrong turn you should never ever give up. It’s also no ones fault when things go bad; stuff just happens sometimes. Don’t blame the universe and don’t blame God no one is out to get you. The best course is when bad things happen to you pick yourself up, move forward, and be thankful you have been given this most precious of gifts.

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